The News Co/Lab works to
advance media literacy through journalism, education and technology.

We’re based at Arizona State University’s Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication.

Our approach

We experiment with new ways to increase public understanding of how news works. Rather than duplicate existing projects, we promote them and seek to expand their efforts. We collaborate with many partners.

Our partners

We help newsrooms try new ways of being open about who they are, what they do and why — and to engage with their communities in ways that help people seek, understand, act on and even create news.


Our funders

We’re grateful for support we’ve received from the Facebook Journalism Project, Craig Newmark Philanthropies, Democracy Fund, Rita Allen Foundation and News Integrity Initiative. 

We’re modernizing digital corrections.

The News Co/Lab received funding from Craig Newmark Philanthropies to improve the reach and effectiveness of journalistic corrections. Discover how we plan to combat misinformation by bringing corrections into the 21st century.

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Corrections: What can we agree on?

Corrections: What can we agree on?

What do journalistic corrections — and policies on how they should work — have in common across the news craft? Not much, apart from a consensus that forthright, prompt corrections of errors are a hallmark of integrity.

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