News Co/Lab at ONA: Helping corrections catch up to mistakes

by | Sep 4, 2019 | Blog, Corrections

I went to ONA for the first time last year and was amazed by the size and variety of innovative people and important topics included there. So I feel very fortunate to go back with Dan this year to share insights and updates from News Co/Lab projects, including our recently announced Corrections Initiative funded by Craig Newmark Philanthropies.

Our Friday afternoon session “Helping Corrections Catch Up To Mistakes in a Social Media World” will cover why updating journalistic corrections for the digital news environment is a critical element of organizational transparency. We’ll also provide an overview of what we hope to accomplish in our new initiative. We believe there’s ample opportunity to increase the reach and effectiveness of corrections that, in turn, can help curb misinformation’s spread. We hope to gather input from newsrooms of all sizes and types, and look forward to a great conversation.

In addition to our session, both Dan and I will participate in Table Talks Friday morning. Dan will take part in the Revenue + Culture session to discuss how journalists can “meet the challenge of an attack on the foundations of our republic.” I will be participating in the Audience session, discussing how journalists can help improve the community’s media literacy (or “news fluency”), which can lead to greater trust.

News Co/Lab Schedule: Friday, Sept. 13

If you’re headed to ONA or are interested in joining the corrections project, we’d love to chat. Find us on Twitter or send us an email to connect. Don’t forget to follow along at #ONA19TableTalks and #ONA19FactCheck.