Welcoming Ted Han to the News Co/Lab corrections initiative

by | Oct 29, 2019 | Blog, Corrections

We’re elated that Ted Han is joining us in our recently announced corrections initiative, a project aimed at bringing journalistic corrections and major updates more fully into the digital age.

Ted’s expertise in software development and passion for quality journalism makes him a perfect fit for this work. He worked with Investigative Reporters & Editors for six years, and is former technical director for DocumentCloud, the now-indispensable cloud storage system that journalists around the world use to store and display documents related to their work. He’s on the board of the Asian American Journalists Association, and consults on software and product development for civic and journalism projects.

His role in our corrections initiative is central: to develop a browser-based application that will make it easy for journalists to send corrections down the same social-media pathways on which the original errors traveled. One of our key goals is to give journalists a tool they’ll find easy to use — and that can be tweaked to test various ways to use it, to find out what works best.

At the Online News Association’s annual conference last month in New Orleans, Ted joined Kristy and me on a panel where we described how we’re approaching the project. I’ll tell you more about that — and where we’re heading in the near future — in a separate blog post. Ted will be posting about his progress here as well.

Again, it’s a pleasure to welcome Ted to the project.