Best Practices

There’s already a lot of work going on in the arenas of media transparency and engagement (the latter referring to productive conversation and collaboration with the community). We’ve begun compiling what we think of as a “cookbook” of practices for anyone who creates media. We are interested in practices that improve news and, at the same time help the public better understand how news works.

What do we mean by cookbook? We want to help people who produce and share news to learn about work that’s offered evidence of success.  So people can cook up their own experiments, we provide how-to explainers, or “recipes.” We also include top educational programs you can in promote in your communities or participate in yourselves.

For the next several months we plan to post a couple of Best Practices recipe pages every week. Each page explains what the practice is, who is behind it, why it works and how you can do it. You can learn more and follow up on any of the practices with the links on each page.

The current best practices team preparing the pages is Michele McLellan, writer Traci Angel and graphic designer Michelle D. Wise. Writers Ben DeJarnette and Simon Galperin also worked on the project.

We expect this cookbook to keep growing as we learn of other practices and as media  innovators invent, test, and prove out more of them.  If you think you have a best practice, please blog about it and Tweet a link to everyone (including us @news_collab )

Tips for nominating a best practice in your blog or social media post: 1) Explain what it is by clearly (but briefly) describing the practice. 2) Tell us who is behind it and who is using it, 3) With evidence, explain how you know it works. Is there research? Do user metrics back up your contention?, and 4) If someone else wants to know how to do it, what are the basic steps?

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